Bill C-65 Harassment and Violence:
Obligations for Federally Regulated Employers

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President & founder

Diane Mason

Diane has been helping employers across Canada build respectful workplaces since 1997 through her human rights investigation and training services.

HR Proactive was chosen to conduct a challenging large scale equity audit for a Public Prosecution Office and the same year chosen to be the training company to present to the Supreme Court Judges of Canada on Sexual Harassment Prevention.

Our reputation for integrity and commitment to quality of work is the reason why HR Proactive stands the test of time. Our company continues to reinvent ourselves to meet client needs for up-to-date and engaging training.

Bilingual Investigator/ Trainer

Deana Maric

With her years of experience as a human rights investigations officer and investigative consultant, Deana has been providing impartial and thorough workplace investigations on all forms of human rights complaints including harassment and violence in the workplace.

For over ten years, Deana has developed and delivered one-on-one training and coaching for leaders at all levels on respectful workplace practices and fraud detection.

Her experience as a business leader has provided Deana with insight into the cultural drivers of a workplace and has influenced her coaching and communication style to deliver effective training and guidance programs.

Professional Trainer/Coach

Paul LaCourse

Paul LaCourse conducts one-on-one interactive sensitivity training sessions on respectful and civil workplaces including prevention of workplace harassment & bullying, and sexual harassment. For managers and supervisors, Paul also provides extensive training on conflict and anger management, appropriate personal conduct, and communication & coaching for leaders.

As an experienced trainer, Paul has a welcoming and engaging style putting the participant at ease and drawing them into the learning experience.

Paul’s sessions are remedial in nature focusing on a positive outcome with tools to reinforce efforts to sustain behavioural change for the long-term.


Bill Renton

Bill has real-world experience as an Investigator for HR Proactive through his decades-long career in Police Services. Bill is also a skilled and seasoned trainer having conducted training sessions to police associations and community colleges. 

Bill has a sound working knowledge of the Human Rights Act, Employment Standards Act, Occupational Health & Safety and Workers’ Compensation regulations as they apply to federally regulated employers.

Having extensive experience in workplace disputes, mediations and conciliations, Bill has a thorough understanding of what is needed for employers to foster inclusive and respectful workplaces including harassment and discrimination prevention policies and training.


Tony Belisario

Tony Belisario is an expert investigator conducting workplace harassment and human rights investigations for Federally regulated employers and large public organizations. His thirty-plus years’ experience in policing perfected his skills in investigative and interviewing techniques.

Tony’s investigation reports walk the client through his methodology and provide a detailed summary of the allegations and response to those allegations, and provide an analysis and conclusion, based on a balance of probabilities, as they relate to the law and company policy.

Tony can deliver group training or one-on-one training in the areas of workplace harassment and violence, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. His experience as a Police Trainer and involvement in the design, development and delivery of training curriculums benefits our clients who are looking for customized employee training with the long-term goal of improving workplace cultures and inclusivity to provide a safe and respectful workplace.


Jorge Lasso

Jorge Lasso is a veteran Investigator with HR Proactive conducting workplace investigations involving complaints of discrimination, bullying, harassment and sexual harassment, as well as breach of company policy and code of conduct.

With Jorge’s expansive background in law enforcement, he is able to deliver detailed and concise investigations based on evidence and fact. He is well versed in legislation including the Canadian Human Rights Act and Canada Labour Code harassment provisions.

Jorge has years of experience as a trainer and lecturer for multiple learning institutions. He is frequently requested by new and returning clients to facilitate half-day and full-day group training on respectful workplaces including code of conduct, anger management and abuse of authority. He also conducts one-on-one sensitivity training sessions for managers and supervisors. Jorge is a dynamic presenter gaining the immediate interest and attention of his participants.

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Bill C-65
Workplace Investigations

HR Proactive provides neutral third-party, independent workplace investigations into allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, threats of violence, code of conduct violations and breach of company policy.

One-On-One Sensitivity Training

Our One-on-One Sensitivity Training is offered Canada-wide to workers, supervisors, managers and executives. Our training is remedial in nature to help restore workplace relationships and establish boundaries to ensure respectful conduct. Training is offered virtually in real-time through access to our user-friendly online interactive portal while following along with our live instructor.