Bill C-65 Workplace Harassment & Violence Training For Employees and Supervisors/Managers

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Workplace Harassment & Violence Training For Employees and Supervisors/Managers

HR Proactive provides engaging live training on creating and maintaining respectful workplaces for up to twenty-five (25) participants .Our training materials have been developed by human rights specialists who bring the training to life and make it experiential with real-life examples/scenarios of issues that can arise in today's diverse workplace.

Our interactive online training includes: bullying, psychological harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, violence, and bystander intervention, plus many more!

Your session can be customized with a review of highlighted sections of your company policy.

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Bill C-65
Workplace Investigations

HR Proactive provides neutral third-party, independent workplace investigations into allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, threats of violence, code of conduct violations and breach of company policy.

Sensitivity Training

Our One-on-One Sensitivity Training is offered Canada-wide to workers, supervisors, managers and executives. Our training is remedial in nature to help restore workplace relationships and establish boundaries to ensure respectful conduct. Training is offered virtually in real-time through access to our user-friendly online interactive portal while following along with our live instructor.