Tips on Conducting a Harassment Investigation

Why Investigate?

Acts of discrimination and harassment in the workplace are illegal (Human Rights Code and the Occupational Health & Safety Act). Employers must provide harassment and discrimination-free work environments.

Harassment and human rights matters are highly sensitive and emotional situations to deal with, and require sound and thorough investigations to properly handle and effectively address these issues in a timely fashion (and to avoid poisoned work environments).

Human Rights issues can be costly, time-consuming and can affect productivity, employees’ livelihoods and morale, and have serious legal implications for an organization.

The organization’s legal, financial and corporate reputation can be placed at risk.

Due Diligence and Human Rights

An organization’s legal liability for human rights issues in the workplace is determined by the extent to which an employer exercised its due diligence.

Demonstrating Due Diligence

  • Having a human rights policy with ongoing education and training.
  • Having appropriate internal mechanisms for handling human rights concerns and complaints.
  • Resolving any matters in a timely and effective manner (degree or extent of action taken is appropriate and reasonable).
  • Taking all steps to prevent such incidents from occurring or recurring (monitoring, leadership, education, being “proactive”).

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We Can Help!

HR Proactive Inc. has been investigating harassment and violence complaints and conducting training for decades. We have developed a wide range of resources to meet the employer’s due diligence in the area of creating and maintaining a respectful workplace. Our Respectful Workplace eLearning module can be purchased off-the-shelf and customized with client Brand/Logo and Policy. The Bill C-65 Harassment and Violence eLearning SCORM file can be uploaded to your organization’s Learning Management Centre.

Live Private Virtual Training for Teams

Using Zoom Online Interface we can provide a group training to employees that is engaging and informative.
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Bill C-65 Workplace Investigations

HR Proactive provides neutral third-party, independent workplace investigations into allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, threats of violence, code of conduct violations and breach of company policy.
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One-On-One Sensitivity Training

Our training is remedial in nature to help restore workplace relationships and establish boundaries to ensure respectful conduct. Training is offered virtually in real-time through access to our user-friendly online interactive portal while following along with our live instructor.
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