Bill C-65 Harassment and Violence:
Obligations for Federally Regulated Employers

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About HR Proactive Inc.

Founded in 1997 by Human Rights Specialist Diane E. Mason, HR Proactive provides employers with prompt, fair, professional harassment investigations and proactive training for Canada’s diverse workplaces.

HR Proactive Inc. is a leading Canadian consultancy firm that provides harassment and discrimination investigations to all work sectors covering all protected grounds. Our professionals also conduct workplace environmental audits and assessments for both private and public organizations. 

Our company’s expertise in investigations, workplace harassment and misconduct comes from our seasoned consultants, each with decades of experience in Human Rights, Policing, Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety  – experience that comes from investigating hundreds of sensitive and serious cases. 

HR Proactive Inc. has a national presence, with harassment investigators available to work virtually throughout Canada.

We call ourselves HR Proactive because our clients are looking for substantive training materials that can be delivered through a variety of methods and formats. Our mission: to move clients from reacting to being proactive. 

Today HR Proactive offers, across Canada, instructor-led training on respectful workplaces and remedial sensitivity training. Our engaging, state-of-the-art Learning Management System allows employers to train all their employees, track their learning and produce printed reports as needed. Our course list has developed with evolving legislation on harassment prevention and other provincial and federal HR and Health and Safety requirements. Our online training centre is a white label solution that allows the client to have their brand/logo and policies as well as related handbooks in one place for employees to access 24/7 online.

Our premier HR training includes all methods of delivery to meet employer workplace training requirements:
  • Virtual/Remote
  • Instructor-Led
  • Online Courses
  • Video Kits

Our workplace harassment and respectful workplace training products can be delivered in the following formats:
  • Video DVD or MP4 file
  • Streaming Service
  • Online Training Centre
  • SCORM eLearning

We can customize your training program with your Brand/Logo and Policy.
HR Proactive Inc. has a line of training products for both Canada and the United States.
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We can help!

HR Proactive Inc. has been investigating harassment and violence complaints, and conducting training for decades.

We have developed a wide range of resources to meet the employer’s due diligence in the area of creating and maintaining a respectful workplace including harassment, bullying and violence, sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and micro-aggressions, and bystander intervention training.

Our Respectful Workplace eLearning module can be purchased off-the-shelf and customized with client Brand/Logo and Policy. The Bill C-65 Harassment and Violence eLearning SCORM file can be uploaded to your organization’s Learning Management Centre.


Preview Our Online Respectful Workplace Program

Live and Private
Virtual Training for Teams

Using Zoom Online Interface, we can provide engaging and informative group training to your employees. 

Bill C-65
Workplace Investigations

HR Proactive provides neutral third-party, independent workplace investigations into allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, threats of violence, code of conduct violations and breach of company policy.

Sensitivity Training

Our One-on-One Sensitivity Training is offered Canada-wide to workers, supervisors, managers and executives. Our training is remedial in nature to help restore workplace relationships and establish boundaries to ensure respectful conduct. Training is offered virtually in real-time through access to our user-friendly online interactive portal while following along with our live instructor.